Completed Projects of AVANT Logistics Limited

Technopromexport (TPE)

Customs clearance and transportation of Ghorashal Power Station cargoes from Chittagong port to plant site at Ghorashal.

Sinha Peoples Energy Limited

52.50 MW Power Plant – Kathpatti, Munshiganj. (2013)

Delivered 7 (seven) Nos. of STX Engines, each 182 MT in weight along with full specification of the power plant machinery, to the island of Kathpatti, Munshigsnj. A channel of 1.5 Km had to be dredged to bring the barges to the Power Plant.

Bibiyana 450 MW Combined Cycle Power Plant – 2014

Summit Bibiyana II Power Co., Ltd.

Customs clearance and transportation of 30,000 FRT of project cargoes from Mongla/Chittagong port to Sherpur, Bibiyana. Cargo includes 188 MT TFX among others.

Kodda 150 MW Dual Fuel Power Plant BPDB – RPCL

BPDB-RPCL Powergen LTD., CCC Engineering Ltd. (2014)

Customs cleared and transported 9 x 325 MT MAN Engines, Alternators and complete power plant equipment from Mongla and Chittagong port to Kodda site. Had to construct a special cofferdam of 900ft x 250ft to reduce water level in the Turag river for smooth passage of the barges under Ashulia bridge.

Shahjibazar 330 MW CCPP Project: A project of Bangladesh Power Development Board (2015 – 2016)

Guangdong Power Engineering Corporation Limited (GPEC)

Customs clearance and transportation of 70,000 FRT which includes eight Heavy Lifts consisting of Gas Turbines, Generators & Transformers as well as General Cargo for the entire project. Transportation of Heavy Lifts from Sherpur to Shahjibazar was a big challenge since one of the bridges en-route, Shayestaganj Bridge is a weak bridge and could not be crossed with heavy loads of approx. 350 MT. As such, the H/Ls had to be crossed through by ferrying on the River Khoai with the help of flat barge. We have delivered all the Heavy Lifts to the plant site onto the foundation successfully.

Payra Thermal Power Plant (2 x 660 MW): A project of China Energy Engineering Group & Northeast No. 1 Electric Power Construction Co., Ltd.

NEPC Payra Power Plant Phase I of Bangladesh. (2016 – Ongoing)

Customs clearance and transportation of machinery and equipment of this project. Received cargoes at Chittagong port by direct delivery from the mother vessel onto the barges and delivery of these cargoes to Payra Coal Fired Power Plant Jetty. This project is ongoing now.


Project Constructed by: SEPCO III Electric Power Construction Corporation. (2017 – Ongoing)

Avant Logistics Ltd. has constructed a heavy duty Jetty for Sirajganj-4 Power plant where the GT (410 MT), GTG (330 MT), Transformer (210 MT) were offloaded from Barges. One 1000 ton Gantry system, 90 ton crawler crane and 27 (twenty seven) lines of Gold Hoffer axles (SPMT) were all assembled on the Jetty, at one time. The GT, GTG and Transformer were subsequently delivered to the plant site. Avant handled the full specification (85,000 FRT) of the project and the job continued till end of 2018.

Bhola 225 MW Power Plant A project of Notun Biddyut (Bangladesh) Ltd.

Contractor: Bishu Infra (2018)

Avant logistics Ltd. started delivering cargoes to Rooppur Nuclear Power Plant (RNPP) from the beginning of 2018. Till now Avant has delivered over 20,000 FRT of cargoes from Chittagong port, Mongla port and Dhaka Airport. The highest load so far was 143 Ton (Core Catcher). We used barges, constructed special jetty and used 10 (ten) line of modular axles for this operation. Avant plans to handle more specially designed cargoes for RNPP in coming days. At present, Avant is working for three major sub-contractors for ASE at RNPP.

Mirsarai 150 MW Dual Fuel Power Plant: A project of BR Powergen Limited ​

Contractor: Sinohydro Corporation Ltd. (2019)

We got the contract for clearance and transportation of 240 units of 40’ containers from Chattogram port to Mirsarai Power Plant project. We have started delivery of the containers very recently.

Ruppur 2,400 MW Nuclear Power Plant - A project of Bangladesh Atomic Energy Commission

Contractor: Atomstroyexport, Russia. (2017 – Ongoing)

Avant Logistics Ltd. started delivering cargoes to Ruppur Nuclear Power Plant (RNPP) from the beginning of 2018. Till now Avant has delivered over 40,000 FRT of cargoes through Chattogram port, Mongla port and Dhaka Airport. The highest load of a single piece so far was 465 Ton (Stator). Avant delivered two such Stators. We used specially constructed barges, jetties and super cranes for unloading of the heavy lift cargoes and used 24 lines of SPMT for transportation of these heavy lifts. Avant plans to handle more specially designed cargoes comprising of heavy lifts, ODC and general cargoes for RNPP project in coming days. Avant has worked for ORGANOGOSTROY in the earlier days and now working for other major sub-contractors of ATOMSTROYEXPORT (ASE) at RNPP project.

Summit Meghnaghat 583 MW Power Plant – Phase II

Contractor: General Electric (GE) & NEPC. (2019 – Ongoing)

Customs clearance and transportation of full specifications (70,000 FRT or more) of this project, which includes twenty three units of Heavy Lifts consisting of Gas Turbines (378 MT), Generators (307 MT) & Transformers (320 MT) as well as Break-bulk, General Cargoes and Containers for the entire project. All HRSG Modules and 378 MT Gas Turbine were delivered to Meghnaghat site. 35,000 FRT cargoes are yet to arrive.

Ghorashal Polash Urea Fertilizer Factory (GPUFF)

Contractor: Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Ltd. (2020 – Ongoing)

Avant Logistics Ltd. signed a contract with COSCO Shipping Project Logistics, China for the construction of specially designed jetty at Ghorashal for unloading the entire project materials (600,000 FRT approx.) comprising of super heavy lifts, ODCs and general cargoes to be imported for this project. Avant also signed a contract for customs clearance, transportation for the above cargoes from Chattogram port, Mongla port and Dhaka airport. The job started in February 2021. Cargoes are due from May 2021.

400/132 kV interim Substation at Rhohanpur, Rajshahi, Bangladesh. A project of Power Grid Company of Bangladesh (PGCB)

Contractor: Riverie Power & Automation Engineering Ltd.

AVANT logistics Ltd. Signed a contract with Riverie for documentation from the Government Agencies, constructing a suitable jetty at Mukhterpur, direct delivery of the 520 MVA, 322 MT TFX and accessories onto the barges from the mother vessel, customs clearance at Mongla port and transportation of TFX and accessories to Mukhterpur, Rajshahi by barge. Thereafter, unloading of the TFX from the barge and loading onto the hydraulic axles and transportation to Rohanpur, a distance of 105 km. Afterwards, unloading of the TFX from the axles at Rohanpur Substation and placement onto the foundation. It was the first road haulage of such heavy lift in Bangladesh. Avant Logistics completed the job successfully.

Documentation, dismantle, removal, towing, customs clearance and loading onto semi-submersible vessel of two Power Barges.

Contractor: Khulna Power Co, Ltd (KPCL)

Khulna Power Co, Ltd (KPCL) engaged Avant Logistics Ltd to handle documentation (NOC from Bangladesh Power Development Board – BPDB, Bangladesh Bank, Chief Controller of Import & Export – CCI & E, National Board of Revenue -NBR, Bangladesh Inland Water Transport Authority- BIWTA ), dismantle of all extended structures and load them into the Power Barges, removal of the Power barges from their earlier location inside the basin of KPCL, break the wall and make channel to remove the barges and bring them to the main river ,tow the barges by heavy duty tugs (1 x 3200 BHP, 2 x 1800 BHP) from KPCL plant to Akram Point (70 Km from Mongla port ) and load the Power barges onto semi-submersible vessel with 2 x 3200 BHP tugs and other required river crafts .

Each barges had following specification-

Dimension – 91.44 m X 24.4 m X 5.5 m

Weight – 4100 MT.

Power barges generation – 110 MW, each

No. of barges – two.

Operational period. April – July, 2022.

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