Completed Projects

1. Ghorashal Power Station 5th Unit

Client: Bangladesh Power Development Board

Contractor: Technopromexport ( TPE ), Russia  

Customs clearance and transportation of Ghorashal Power Station cargoes from Chittagong port to plant site at Ghorashal.

2. 52.50 MW Power Plant – Kathpatti, Munshiganj

Client: Bangladesh Power Development Board ( BPDB )

Contractor: Sinha Peoples Energy Limited, Bangladesh – 2013

Delivered 7 (seven) Nos. of STX Engines, each 182 MT in weight along with full specification of the power plant machinery, to the island of Kathpatti, Munshigsnj. A channel of 1.5 Km had to be dredged to bring the barges to the Power Plant.

3. Summit Bibiyana 450 MW Combined Cycle Power Plant

Client: Summit Bibiyana II Power Company Limited

Contractor: NEPC-CMEC, China – 2014

Customs clearance and transportation of 30,000 FRT of project cargoes from Mongla/Chittagong port to Sherpur, Bibiyana. Cargo includes 188 MT TFX among others.

4. Kodda 150 MW Dual Fuel Power Plant

Client: BPDB-RPCL Powergen Limited

Contractor: CCC Engineering Limited, China – 2015

Customs cleared and transported 9 x 325 MT MAN Engines, Alternators and complete power plant equipment from Mongla and Chittagong port to Kodda site. Had to construct a special cofferdam of 900ft x 250ft to reduce water level in the Turag river for smooth passage of the barges under Ashulia bridge.

More details of the project with photographs may be seen in special project section of the website.

5. Shahjibazar 330 MW Combined Cycle Power Plant

 Client: Bangladesh Power Development Board

Contractor: Guangdong Power Engineering Corporation Limited (GPEC), China – 2017

Customs clearance, inland transportation of entire project cargoes comprising of heavy lifts as well as general cargoes from Chittagong and Mongla port to Shahjibazar Power Plant site. Building of by-pass road and bridge on the Khoai River and construction of temporary jetty at Sherpur, Moulvibazar.

6. Payra 1320 MW Thermal Power Plant

Client: Bangladesh China Power Company (Pvt.) Limited

Contractor: NEPC, China – 2016

A Concern of:North West power Generation Co., Ltd. and China National Machinery Import & Export Corporation (CMC). Customs clearance and Transportation of 1st Consignment Comprising of 424 pages/1,289.293 MT/3,083.45 CBM cargoes by barge from Chittagong port to Payra Power Plant jetty. These cargoes were received directly from the Vessel onto the flat barges.

7. Bhola 225 MW Power Plant

 Client: Notun Biddyut (Bangladesh) Limited

Contractor: Bisho Infra,India – 2018

We constructed a heavy duty jetty on the bank of Tetulia river to handle both heavy lifts and cranage operations during high and low tide.

8. Mirsarai 150 MW Dual Fuel Power Plant

Client: BR Powergen Limited

Contractor: Sinohydro Corporation Limited, China – 2019

We got the contract for clearance and transportation of 240 units of 40′ containers from Chattogram port to Mirsarai Power Plant project. We have started delivery of the containers very recently.

9. Sirajganj 413 MW Power Plant

 Client: Sembcorp North-Westpower Company Ltd.

Contractor: SEPCO III Electric Power Construction Corporation,China. 2017 – 2019

The temporary landing jetty was constructed by Avant logistics Ltd. at Sirajganj for receiving 3 Heavy Lift cargos and General cargos for the construction of 413 MW Dual Fuel CCPP. The Heavy Lifts were GT-410 Ton, GTG-330 Ton and TFX- 210 Ton.

More details of the project with photographs may be seen in special project section of the website.

10. Ruppur 2,400 MW Nuclear Power Plant

Client: Bangladesh Atomic Energy Commission  

Contractor: Atomstroyexport, Russia. 2017 – ongoing

Avant logistics Ltd. started delivering cargoes to Ruppur Nuclear Power Plant (RNPP) from the beginning of 2018. Till now Avant has delivered over 40,000 FRT of cargoes through Chattogram port, Mongla port and Dhaka Airport. The highest load of a single piece so far was 465 Ton (Stator). Avant delivered two such Stators. We used specially constructed barges, jetties and super cranes for unloading of the heavy lift cargoes and used 24 lines of SPMT for transportations of these heavy lifts. Avant plans to handle more specially designed cargoes comprising of heavy lifts, ODC and general cargoes for RNPP project in coming days. Avant has worked for ORGANOGOSTROY in the earlier days and now working for other major sub-contractors of ATOMSTROYEXPORT (ASE) at RNPP project.

11. Summit Meghnaghat 583 MW Power Plant - Phase II

Client: Summit Meghnaghat Power Company Limited

Contractor: General Electric (GE), USA & NEPC,China. 2019 – 2022

Customs clearance and transportation of full specifications (70,000 FRT or more) of this project, which includes twenty three units of Heavy Lifts consisting of Gas Turbines (378 MT), Generators (307 MT) & Transformers (320 MT) as well as Break-bulk, General Cargoes and Containers for the entire project. All HRSG Modules and 378 MT Gas Turbine and 292 MT Generator were delivered to Meghnaghat site. 35,000 FRT cargoes are yet to arrive.

12. Ghorashal Polash Urea Fertilizer Factory (GPUFF)

Client: Bangladesh Chemical Industries Corporation

Contractor: Mitsubishi heavy Industries Limited, Japan. 2021 – 2023

Avant Logistics Ltd. signed a contract with COSCO Shipping Project Logistics, China for the construction of a specially designed jetty at Ghorashal for unloading the entire project materials (600,000 FRT approx.) comprising of super heavy lifts, ODCs and general cargoes to be imported for this project. Designed by Avant, the construction started in February 2021 and was completed in July, 2021.The Jetty had two parts – one crane jetty (dim 40.55m X 16.7m X 25.1m) and the other one is Ro-Ro jetty (dim 17.2m X 83m). Avant obtained license from BIWTA for construction and maintenance of the jetty for 2021-2023, as per the requirement of COSCO. Cargoes started arriving from May 2021. Avant also signed a contract for customs clearance, transportation for the above cargoes from Chattogram port, Mongla port and Dhaka airport.

13. Rohanpur 400/132 KV interim Sub-station

Client: Power Grid Company of Bangladesh (PGCB)

Contractor: Reverie Power & Automation Engineering Limited, Bangladesh – 2022, 2023

Avant logistics Ltd. signed a contract with Reverie Power & Automation Engineering Ltd. for delivery of 3(three) nos Transformers (TFX) each weighing 322 MT to be delivered to Rohanpur, Chapainawabganj. The first TFX was delivered in March,2022 and Two others were delivered during February – March,2023. It was an extremely challenging job involving construction of jetty at Mukterpur, Rajshahi on the bank of Padma River and barging from Mongla to Mukterpur in dry season. The TFXs were then transferred from barges to Multi Modulus Axles (HMT). We used 14 lines of HMT to transport the TFXs through 110 km road where some part of road was under construction and we had to widen about 10km of road for easy maneuvering of the long vehicle. We delivered all TFXs safely and placed them of the foundations including alignments.

14. Sreepur 150 +/- 10 PCT ( HFO Based) Power Plant

Client: B-R Powergen Limited

Contractor: MAX Infrastructure Limited, Bangladesh – 2023

Avant Logistics received 9 (nine) sets of power plant equipment each consisting of MAN Engines, each 325 MT (dim 13.0m×4.9m×6.5m), Alternators, each 62 MT (dim 4.68m×5.5m×5.5m) and Turbo Chargers, each 32 MT (dim 5.2m×3.6m×3.6m) at Mongla port in one single shipment, for MAX Infrastructure Limited. After Customs and port clearance, all 27 pcs were loaded onto 11 (eleven) flat top barges. The barges were chosen very carefully with strong deck but low draft as we had to negotiate narrow river after Ghorashal in the months of Feb-March. We constructed a three step jetty at Sreepur on the bank of Sitalakhya river and transferred all cargoes to the jetty for onward delivery to respective foundations, about 700m far we also did placement and alignment of all cargoes. For this job we used the following equipment and manpower:

  Flat top barges               –    11 nos

            Hydraulic winches         –    2000 ton x 1

                                                –    800 ton x 2

         Cranes                             –     230 ton x 1

                                                –    170 ton x 1

           Low bed trailers           –    150 ton x 3

          Manpower                     –    150 people

The project was completed successfully and on times. Avant Logistics Ltd received special bonus for this project from the client, Max Infrastructure Limited.

15. Dismantling, removal, towing and loading onto Semi-submersible vessel of Power Barges TIGER-I & TIGER-III for export

Client: Khulna Power Company Limited (KPCL)

Contractor: Avant Logistics Limited, Bangladesh – 2022

Avant Logistics Ltd. undertook a different kind of job in 2022 involving export of two Power Barges named TIGER-I and TIGER-III of Khulna Power Company Ltd. (KPCL), moored inside a basin at Khalishpur, Khulna. Each power barge had an individual dimension of 91.44m X 24.4m X 5.5m, weighing 4100 Ton and had a power output capacity of 55 MW each. We removed all onshore power plant installations and loaded them into the two power barges. There were 19 chimneys (stacks) of 26.44 m height on top of the barges and we had to cut down 16.88 m to adjust the height clearance of Rupsha bridge. We loaded 10 (ten) chimneys inside TIGER-I and 9 (nine) chimneys inside TIGER-III. The Power barges were removed from the basin at the power plant and towed by 3 (three) tugs to maneuver through Bhairab, Rupsha and Poshur rivers during full rainy season of June and July to reach Akram point (about 60km from Mongla port) and to load them onto Semi-submersible vessel HUA XING LONG. This was a very challenging operation done safely and ­­­professionally. The following major equipment were used for the job:

1.    3200 HP Tug boat x 2

2.    2400 HP Tug boat x 1

3.    1600 HP Tug boat x 1

And other requirement and manpower. After removal the adjacent river bank and boundary wall of the power plant were replaced to their original conditions. 

More details of the project with photographs may be seen in special project section of the website.

16. Site Development and Construction of Well no. Haripur-10 at Sylhet Gas Field, Sylhet, Bangladesh, included Engineering, Supply of material, Equipment, Manpower and Construction etc. on Turn key Basis.

Client: Sylhet Gas Fields Limited (SGFL)

Contractor: SINOPEC International Petroleum Service Corporation, China. 2022 – 2023

Avant logistics Ltd undertook yet another different kind of project to expand their horizon of activities. This time under Sylhet Gas Fields Ltd (SGFL), Avant developed their Haripur-10 Gas Field, under contract of SINOPEC, a major Chinese Gas Drilling Company. Avant developed an area of approx. 5 (five) acres of land with an access road of 500m with 25m width. The total area was developed from a very low-lying area and Avant raised the whole area about 3.5m. Avant designed and constructed full drilling facilities including the following:

·      Land Development of about 90,000 Cubic meter area.

·      Construction of HBB including Box Cutting and Leveling of 13,000 sq. m area.

·      Construction of Drilling Rig, machinery foundation including, Mud Tank, Mud Pit, Drilling Rig, Generator foundation etc.

·      Construction of 2 (two) Deep Tube wells with Pump Houses

·      Construction of 2 (two) Culverts

·      Drainage System (both Internal and Peripheral) of 1,850m

The job was finished with full Satisfaction of the Client and considered as the best drilling site of SGFL.

Other Projects

  1. Rampal 1320 MW Coal Power Plant.
  2. Khulna Mongla Rail Line Project.
  3. Seismic Survey under BGP Inc., China National Petroleum Corporation
  4. Various sub-station of CCCE, under PGCB and DPDC