Services of AVANT Logistics Limited

  • Research and survey
  • Site and area preparation
  • Specialized transport - ODC'S
  • Landing and beaching
  • Beach-head operations
  • Delivery and positioning
  • Project conclusion
Customs Clearance and Port handling
  • Customs clearance
  • Port clearance
  • Payment of Customs duties, VAT etc.
  • Payment of all Port Charges
Information and Communication
  • Pre-clearance document verification
  • Current status of import regulations
  • Daily cargo movement report
  • Shipment wise budgeting for Port Charges and Import Duties prior to cargo arrival
  • Immediate response to Client inquires on administrative position (Custom/Port) and on physical location of cargo until it reaches destination.
  • Chartering and Brokering
  • Container Handling
  • Manpower Recruitment
  • Shipping Agency
  • Freight Forwarding
  • Transport, Logistic Consultancy
  • Bunkering
  • Catering
  • Vehicle/Equipment Hire
  • Guest House Arrangements
  • Site Preparations
  • Visa Administration
  • Helicopter hire

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Contact With Us

AVANT Logistics Ltd. is a provider of Logistical & Transportation Solutions in Bangladesh. A logistics support company providing logistical solutions to meet today’s diverse and demanding transportation requirements within Bangladesh. We present ourselves to our clients in a way so that they feel at home and we take all the responsibilities of providing best available solutions to place their equipments & machinery safely at the designated sites using skilled manpower & equipments. We would, like to mention here that unlike Europe & North America, Bangladesh does not have the proper infrastructure, all the required equipments ready to be used for the specific job and as such we provide the best available facilities & solutions. We listen, discuss and understand the needs of our clients before recommending a logistics solution that would fulfill our client’s objectives. Whether small or large the project is, AVANT ensures a quality transport solution every time. AVANT is capable of getting the equipments & machinery to its destination on time and within the budget of our clients.


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